RALEIGH, NC (JUNE 16th, 2017) – We will now be providing double ground mulch to the public, for pick up only at the wood yard. We produce an organic, and affordable product that helps keep trees out of land fills and burn piles. Our mulch is 100% chemical and dye free, and has a natural brown color. Organic mulch will actually increase your soils nitrogen level, therefore helping plants rather than harming them. We will be offering this product year round for $10 a yard.

About American Woodyards

American Woodyards, LLC is a full-service locally owned woodyard focusing on custom-cut and specialty lumber. The company buys delivered pulpwood and saw timber from a variety of suppliers such as grading and clearing contractors, tree services, landscape companies, and homeowners. After a unique combination of applied environmental and/or industry expertise, American Woodyards then sells the lumber or wood to mills, craftsmen, woodworkers and the general public. American Woodyards also offers firewood, flooring, mantel slabs, finished mantels, and furniture slabs.

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