We are happy to offer firewood to the public year round in two varieties:

Kiln Dried Firewood

True to its name it has been sent through our kiln, ensuring it comes out dry, and bug free. This makes it a great choice to burn in your home, or an outdoor fireplace. Many people also use our kiln dried wood in wood burning ovens and smokers. We are happy to deliver half and full cords of both kiln dried and green right to your house. If you only need a small amount, stop by the yard and pick it up by the pound. Either way, we hope you choose us for your firewood needs!

Green Firewood

Green wood is also true to its name, meaning it is freshly cut and contains a higher water content. Many of our customers buy large quantities of green wood, and season it over the summer months. Typically it takes up to 6 months to “season” a full cord of green wood. If you have the space to stack and store or just need a few logs to add to your fire, we’ve got you covered!

Please to stop by during business hours, fill out the firewood form, or call us to schedule a delivery!

Firewood Pick-up Price Firewood Delivery Price
Kiln dried:$0.13/lb
Full Cord:$230
Half Cord:$150
Full Cord:$295
Half Cord:$195
Delivery Charge
0-10 Miles:Free
11-15 Miles:$25
16-20 Miles:$40