Building raised beds? We got you covered. 

We offer cedar and cypress boards for your outdoor gardening needs. Both of these woods are rot and bug resistant, making them the perfect material for raised beds. These come in 8, 12 and 16 foot lengths, and are priced by the board foot. Please call for pricing.

-Board feet (thickness in inches x width in inches x length in feet)/12

Need some mulch to revamp an old flower garden?

We’ve got you covered there as well. All of our mulch is untreated and undyed so you will never spend hours trying to wash the dye off your hands after spending the time to make your garden beautiful. Our mulch comes from timber leavings that would normally make their way to the landfill which are then processed through a horizontal grinder to eliminate as much dirt as possible and produce an environmentally friendly mulch. Mulch can be purchased from April to October for $10 a yard. Mulch is available for pick up only, so come visit us some day this summer with your truck or trailer and load up!