Welcome to American Woodyards

We invite you to browse through our products and services and watch for our latest specials, discounts, and news. A full-service lumber yard in Raleigh NC, American Woodyards focuses on custom cut and specialty lumber. We also buy and sell delivered logs and standing timber on tracts of 3 acres or more. American Woodyards is environmentally-friendly and committed to providing services which prevent wood from either being 'dumped' into our landfills or burned to make way for development.

Our knowledgable staff at American Woodyards hand selects logs to be cut into lumber, slabs, beams, or firewood. Logs are then milled into the appropriate dimensions to minimize waste and maximize character. We 'sticker', then stack the lumber and slabs to air dry for 6-12 months and also kiln-dry these products to ensure all moisture is removed. Products are found to be useful at any moisture stage from green, to kiln-dried.

We provide custom finishing/cuts on our products including ready-to-install fireplace mantels, brackets and corbels for interior or exterior use, pergola materials, bar tops, and much more. Often homeowners and custom home-builders will work with us directly to cut out the 'middle-man' and maximize savings. So whether you're a professional or a homeowner who enjoys doing projects yourself, you can count on American Woodyards for a great product and affordable price.