Do you sell to the public?

  • Yes, we sell to everyone!

Is there a minimum quantity required to purchase?

  • No. We sell as little as one board at a time.

Do you sell treated lumber or plywood?

  • No. We offer kiln dried, air dried, and green rough cut lumber.

How much does a cord of firewood weigh?

  • Dry- Approximately 1.5 tons
  • Green- Approximately 2.25 tons

What type of cord do you sell?

  • We sell loose cords.

Will you stack my firewood when you deliver it?

  • No, to make our deliveries as fast and cheap for everyone, we dump the firewood from our delivery truck. Get the family out there and have some bonding time!

Do you buy residential trees?

  • Only from insured tree services, otherwise we cannot pay you for your wood.

Will you pick up trees from my yard?

  • No. This is not a service that we offer.

Will you saw my logs on your sawmill?

  • Unfortunately, we no longer offer this service.

Do you have firewood for cooking purposes?

  • Yes. We also offer a separate pile of split hickory which is most often used for cooking purposes.

Will you ship mantels?

  • Yes. Restrictions and charges apply, and are addressed on individual circumstances. We are happy to do our best to get our products to their final destinations!

How are board feet calculated?

  • Thickness (in inches) x Width (in inches) x Length (in feet)/12

Do you sell “cookies”, “discs”, or log rounds?

  • Yes! We also offer them for rent if you’re just looking for something for a special occasion. Rentals do require a refundable security deposit.

Do you have any stumps I can buy?

  • The yard generates stumps about every day, but we also haul them off occasionally to keep the yard looking nice. Give us a call to let us know what you need so we can have some on hand for you!

Can I pick up sawdust?

  • With the saw mill running frequently we have plenty of saw dust available, consequently we also clean it up just as often as we make it. If you’re looking to pick some up, just give us a call so we can leave some out for you to pick up!

How much are your slabs?

  • Pricing is determined by the board feet, species, and size of each unique slab because every slab is different and must be priced as such. Please feel free to stop by and see our always rotating stock of beautiful slabs or give us a call to have us check to see if we have what you are looking for.

Are you open on Saturdays?

  • We are open every other Saturday from 8am to 3pm! Call us during the week to check and see which Saturday that will be.