Do you sell to the public?

  • Yes, we sell to everyone!

Is there a minimum quantity required to purchase?

  • No. We sell as little as one board at a time.

Do you sell treated lumber or plywood?

  • No.

How much does a cord of firewood weigh?

  • Dry- Approximately 1.5 tons
  • Green- Approximately 2.25 tons

Do you buy residential trees?

  • No, we are not a tree service.

Will you pick up trees from my yard?

  • No. This is not a service that we offer.

Will you saw my logs on a sawmill?

  • We saw customer logs at a charge of $0.50/bf and there is an additional $50 blade fee if we hit metal.

Do you have firewood for cooking purposes?

  • Yes. We offer a separate pile of split hickory which is often used for cooking applications.

Will you ship mantels?

  • Yes. Restrictions and charges apply, and are addressed on individual circumstances. We are happy to do our best to get our products to their final destinations!

How are board feet calculated?

  • Thickness (in inches) x Width (in inches) x Length (in feet)/12